Character Controller - Vaulting System / by Areito Echevarria

Here I’m showing off the vaulting component of the traversal system, again implementing some ideas from Paul van Grinsven's Horizon Zero Dawn traversal paper. The player character does terrain shape analysis by sending out raycast probes to build a model of the terrain ahead. The system then selects, blends and warps animation clips to best fit the obstacle ahead. This results in an animation that will vault up, over or down obsticles depending on context. Terrain obstacles can also be identified by tags, so for example she will jump down a steep slope but vault off of a platform.

I’ve turned off the cloth simulation and realtime IK system for the moment, I have some issues to resolve with synchronising physics and animation update cycles. A fix is in the works and I’ll loop back to that later. 

I’m pretty happy with this first pass of the traversal system, there is still loads of polish to do but it definatley feels really good with the controller in hand, control is responsive and precise. That was my main goal for this milestone. I’m going to take break from the traversal system for a little while and look at some other aspects of the project.